What We Offer

We provide you with yet another ways to use your phone and computer

Send a text message to any phone number using form below

It's easy! Simply address the message by phone number, type your message, and press the SEND button. Your message will be sent directly to the receiving mobile handset.
Please login to access web form and send SMS.


Receive emails on your phone without Internet

When you subscribe to our service we will setup email address for you - [your 10 digit phone number]@tykesms.com
Then any email sent to your email address will be forwarded to your phone as a text message (first 160 letters .. sorry, it's SMS limitation).
Please register to get assigned your mail box and start using this feature.


Send emails from your phone without Internet

Just send a text message to our special one-way SMS phone number and it will be delivered to a destination email address you entered as a first line of your message.
You need to enter destination email address as a first line of your message - or use an alias - short easy-to-type nickname for email address.

Please login to see the phone number you should use to send your SMS to and to set up your aliases for commonly-used e-mail addresses.
Note that you should be texting from phone number registered with us - otherwise your text will not be delivered.